Poverty Hurts Babies' Brain Development - Invest in Programs that Work

Yesterday, the Census Bureau released new data showing that nearly 1 in 5 American babies and toddlers was living in poverty in 2018. While poverty rates decreased slightly since 2017, babies and toddlers, whose brains are growing faster than at any later point in life, are still the age group most likely to live in poverty. Babies and toddlers of color are faring even worse, with 34 percent of young Black children and 25 percent of young Hispanic children living in poverty, compared to nine percent of young White children. When babies and toddlers live in poverty, their brain development and future success are at risk. Tell your Members of Congress that they must Think Babies and Act! by investing in proven programs, including Early Head Start and the Child Care and Development Fund, that help protect the youngest children from the harmful effects of poverty and ensure that all babies have the opportunity to thrive. 

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