Tell Congress to Maintain Protections for Babies at the Border

ZERO TO THREE recently joined 20 other organizations on an amicus brief to adamantly oppose the Administration’s new Rule to remove the protections for migrant children in the Flores Settlement Agreement (FSA). Unless the courts or Congress act, by the end of October, the new Rule will supersede the FSA, wiping away our country’s commitment to ensuring that migrant children in government custody are treated humanely and released quickly. The new Rule will erase basic protections for migrant children, allowing them to be incarcerated indefinitely in detention facilities with no outside oversight. Research shows that even a short time in detention is harmful to children and is profoundly inadequate to nurture the health and well-being of a young child. 

Babies at the border need your voice today! Email your Members of Congress now and urge them to take a stand for babies.

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